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We are a team of incredibly talented individuals, dedicated to their tasks and open to new challenges.

Experience accumulated over the years enabled us to develop a unique style and placed us among the most sought after catering companies.

The range of our capacities has evolved over the years. We believe in the individual approach, and are constantly increasing the number of guests we are able to serve. Fiesta Catering is characterized by reliable staff – our cooks, waiters, and advisers have all proved themselves as experts in their respective fields.

Paying close attention to the emerging market trends plays the key role in our development – we are keeping up-to-date with the culinary trends, interior design trends, and above all the clients’ interests and expectations. It is them who inspire us the most. Their ideas intrigue us and stimulate our growth..

Thanks to the whole team’s collective experience and skills, we provide high standard of comprehensive services ensuring the client’s comfort. We start with a creative idea, apply careful planning and organisation, and finish with quick and smooth cleaning of the location of the event.

We handle small, intimate meetings, as well as large-scale mass events, offering catering for up to 2000 people. We have worked on a fair number of prestigious events, including a Swarovski jewellery exposition, an exquisite banquet in the University of Warsaw Library Hall, the opening of the Copernicus Science Centre, the opening of the movie theatre network Cinema City, an international conference of the Visegrád Group, a 2-day-long event in Hradčany Castle in Czech Republic, in Prague, and many others, which required not only knowledge, but most of all a great sense of style, elegance and creativity.

Our mission

We listen attentively and build partnership-based relations. We meet your demands bravely, creatively and professionally. We are a well-coordinated team.

Catering services

Fiesta Catering is one of the leading catering companies in Warsaw. Extensive experience, continuous improvement, expansion of knowledge and skills, keeping track of emerging trends - all of this contributes to the highest standard of our Warsaw-based catering services. We offer competitive prices and creativity, a combination greatly appreciated by our clients. It is us they entrust with their most special occasions, business meetings, weddings, family reunions, intimate parties, and other events.

Once you entrust us with your event, we make sure it is well organized and successful, and the menu satisfies all tastes. We are open to accommodating all sorts of dietary needs - let us know if you require a special menu, such as vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free, and we will compose it accordingly. Of course, we cannot ignore our offer’s crown jewel: the lemonade and flavoured water stand. The taste of those drinks and their beautiful presentation will surely enrich your picnic, business meeting, training or conference.

Catering for companies

We are bold. We are unconventional. We will organize any event at any location, including outdoors. Picnics, in particular, tend to become popular when Spring comes around. Warsaw-based Fiesta Catering is the only company that ensures full satisfaction and high standard of services regardless of the event’s format. Perfection is made possible with our outstanding team of employees, experts in their fields, each and every one of them scrupulous, cultural and discreet.

Our Warsaw-based catering company is renowned for organizing all sorts of events, not just in Warsaw, but all over Poland. We utilize background information and work with your vision to compose just the right menu and provide just the right decorations, aiming at making your day a perfect day. A work-in-progress is a challenge, a completed project is a badge of honour. We take pride in rising to the occasion and leaving long-lasting impressions on our clients’ guests.

Our offer of Warsaw-based catering for companies works for institutions as well. It is not just inter-company meetings we handle, but also conferences and summits for hundreds of participants. The greater the challenge, the greater our motivation and satisfaction. We give it our all and more, investing our hearts and souls into preparations, logistics and organisation. We come with an abundance of freshly ground coffee and delicious pastry of the finest sort.

Of course, it is not just major companies who get such special treatment. We work on family reunions and intimate parties just as eagerly. This includes outdoor parties - how could we ignore the natural beauty? Outdoors and elegance don’t have to be mutually exclusive. It is perfectly possible to enjoy a tasty meal and aesthetics in the open air. In case of bad weather, we offer tents, including tents with floors, so your guests will be sheltered and comfortable. We are never short of decorations, tableware and flowers fit for the theme dictated by our clients. This applies to wedding receptions as well. Young couples tend to have high expectations, and we have so far managed to satisfy them all.

Feel free to take a look at our offer, portfolio, and reviews from people whom we helped organize the kind of event your are interested in. Our team is open to your suggestions. If you are looking for a Warsaw-based catering for parties, Fiesta Catering is the way to go. If you have any questions, or dream of an epic party, feel free to contact us.

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