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Wedding – the day you’ve been dreaming of!

Every wedding in an exceptional occasion, not just for the young couple, but also their respective families and friends. As a catering company, we consider it a great honour to be entrusted with servicing such an important celebration. We keep track of the latest trends in the field, care for the personal needs of each couple, and cooperate with the most popular wedding venues. We offer advice and support at the planning stage, followed by professional coordination of the catering service throughout the celebration.

Wedding reception in the open

We offer full service for wedding receptions held outdoors. We pitch big, solid tents with floors. They are water-proof and wind-resistant. They come with detachable walls and window openings, perfect for the warmer weather. In addition, we may provide a barbecue grill or prepare a bonfire – as long as there is a safe location that could be adapted for the purpose.

Catering offer

We plan our work with the comfort of the newlyweds and their guests in mind. Wide selection of dishes and extra options will add splendour to the celebration. We offer, among others:

If you wish to sample our exemplary wedding menu, you may attend one of our open wedding events. You will get to meet the crew, sample the dishes, see the hall arrangements and ask for advice.

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